ACA Exam Structure?


Hey all!

First of all, I would like to personally thank Chrism (for this fantastic site) and other posters who have greatly helped me to secure a job with KPMG this year. Also, purchasing the practice reasoning tests was some of the best money I have ever spent and having failed the first tests i did for GT I passed both my deloitte and KPMG tests thanks to wikijobs. Now, on to my main point:

I have read a lot about ACA exams but there seems to be a lot of contradiction where some people say that they finish all their exams by the 2nd year (finish all 12 professional in 1st year) and others saying that you finish all exams in the 3rd year. Can someone please tell me the general exam structure (KPMG employee would be great since I believe this does vary a bit from firm to firm).

Any input would be great thanks.


no one has any idea?


Hi. I haven’t started yet. But, from what I understand, you do 6 exams in the first year and 6 exams in the second. Then, in the final year, you do two technical papers and a case study. They aren’t exams, but like long reports (i think).

I am doing the ACA at Deloitte but I don;t think it varies between firms much.


PWC grads: A lot of those take the 12 professional exams in their first year then the remaining three advanced papers in their second/third year. If they pass all exams first time then they can be exam qualified when they still have about 7 to 9 months left of their three year contract.
The timing of your exams may depend what audit group/work you are allocated to and thence the timing of your work allocations. The e-assessment exams take place at very regular intervals and you sit them at your college (eg Kaplan) .Results for these are given out the next day.
The professional stage exam sittings are every three months Dec, March, June, Sept. The advanced stage are twice a year: Last week of July and first week of November.
Results come out approx 5 weeks after these written papers.
Hope this helps.


Thanks for your info tutor! I have just found out today from a 2nd year at KPMG that we take all 3 years to complete the 15 exams covering the first 6 in the first year, 2nd lot in the 2nd and the final 3 in the 3rd.


I work for KPMG. I’m just finishing my first year and have taken 5 multiple choice exams (Accounting, Audit, Tax, Law and Business Finance) and have just had first three written exams (Tax, Audit and Financial Accounting). Taking final multiple choice exam (Management Information) in November (provided ive passed the most recent ones!)

Basically we have periods of college with exams at the end. Despite me starting last October, I am at exactly the same stage as my mate who works for pwc, and started in April, so they seem to do a lot more earlier on. Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot jbish! i’m confused though because I thought with KPMG it took all 3 years to finish. at your rate you would have finished all prof stage exams and maybe your technical papers in the advanced stage by the end of second year too? good luck with your results!