ACA exam statistics


March2010 exam sitting:

According to the ICAEW stats for the Professional Stage (that’s 6 knowledge exams and 6 application exams) only slightly over 30% of candidates pass all 12 papers at the first attempt. That is an awful lot of re-takers?

I would imagine that for candidates with the Big 4 the percentage of trainees getting Prof Stage exams at first attempt must be a lot higher, surely?
Does anyone know?


Quickly, someone in the know say that Big 4 has a higher %!


I would hazard a guess that it’s nearer 75-80% for Big 4.

Dropping the odd exam and re-taking to get it second time round is not too uncommon.

Can someone who is currently taking the exams perhaps give some stats for their class in Kaplan?


Hmm, so still a big chance of at least one re-take somewhere along the way…


bingkk32, I would say bigger chance that you’ll get them all first time. The formula for success is simple. Follow the Kaplan program and work bloody hard (seriously) and you will get through first time. I’m afraid that means long hours weekdays and study over the weekend during study blocks. Basically cancel most of your social life during study time. Sounds awful but everyone is in the same boat so plenty of empathy from fellow sloggers. And, you get paid to study!!