ACA-CTA joint qualification: what's it like?


Hi all,

I am in dire need of advice!

So I’ve got two offers for a Tax graduate scheme starting in Aug/Sept 2016. One training contract is to do the ACA and then CTA as two standalone qualifications, whereas the other offer is for the ACA-CTA joint qualification.

I’m leaning towards the ACA-CTA joint route but coming from a non-accounting background (I did a Chemistry degree) I am weary of rushing into the CTA before getting to grips with all things tax, which I would get through three years of doing ACA if I opted to do the two standalone qualifications.

I would love to know how anyone studying for the ACA-CTA joint programme is finding the workload, complexity of CTA content, exam content/difficulty, and whether you are getting enough practical tax experience to help with the qualifications?

Thanks in advance!