AC invitation


Just a quick question: I know that big4 send you an e-mail when they want to invite you to AC (no online tests where I live), obviously. Now the question is, do they announce you that you haven’t been invited, or is there none actual response when they don’t want to invite you?


No, in my experience they would always tell you by phone or email that you haven’t been invited to the AC. They’re just quite busy so it takes a while for them to get back to you.


Big4 will let you know in both cases - and your application on their website will also show it when you log in


Thanks for replies, good to know. GradJobHunter I am not from UK, I live in Czech Rep. where none of Big4 has more than 1000 employees. I suppose the online application is simmilar, but I am not able to see any status. On the KPMG website I was not even able to create a profile - just an application, which is sent and can’t be viewed anymore.