Congratulations rosssm!

I am hoping to do one of my group finance programme rotations in Internal Audit…

P.S. Have you received your offer/contract through yet?



Has anyone had an assessment day for Private Banking?

Ucayman- congrats on your offer! How was the numerical test? In the interview did they ask about current affairs and about RBS or was it simply a compentency based interview?



Hi skb1407,

My A/C was for internal audit but i can say that the Numerical test seemed to be easier than the online test, the only complaint being the tiny calculator that they provide…In my interview it was compentacy based but i was asked about why i had applied to RBS in particular.
Hope that helps


Thanks ever so much rosssm!

I think I’ll take in my own calculator on the day :slight_smile: How did the day go overall? have you heard back from RBS? Did you also have a group presentation?


No Problem,

Yes i have heard back and was made an offer which i have accepted. I think i hate to break it you that you need to use their calculator but i may be wrong. On the whole the day was fine but i did have a seperate ability center and assesment center. I didn’t have a group presentation i did that on my own and it was good. The group task was fine but i found very hard to judge my advice would be to read all the information that they give you clearly it sounds stupid but is really the best way to go.


did u take the fastrack test as well?
is it more challenging compared to the numerical test? or would you say its easier?
I am having it this week and I am really nervous about it…


did u take the fastrack test as well?
is it more challenging compared to the numerical test? or would you say its easier?
I am having it this week and I am really nervous about it…



I think I can answer that for you…

I took the fastrack test back in the beginning of December in London, I didn’t find it too hard and was able to finish all of the questions on it. I would say in terms of time pressure it was easier, but with it being a new experience understanding the format was the important bit. But as it was completely new to everyone, we were all a bit nervous going in.

But don’t be! You get a practice question with no time limit (within reason obviously), and the rest of the questions follow the same general format, where you have to fill in some blank cards based on information in the other cards. I think each question had a set of around 15-20 cards of which 3-4 had blanks [see PM]. (I did the exact same test at Mars a few weeks later, so it looks like companies are going to start using them more and more).

see [] for a better description than I managed to cobble together.

good luck for your tests! (Is that an ability testing centre or an actual assessment centre?) Let us know how you got on…



hi skio,

Do you have an assessment centre on the 16th?


hi skb,
mine is an ability testing centre and it is tomorrow…
im so nervous…


Hi, skio1825,

The ability testing centre is really nothing to be nervous about the excercises are nothing new really and they always make aure that you understand what your doing and dont mind if you ask some questions. I’m sure you will be fine and just try and relax!


skio1825, please share your experience tomorrow! Im having mine on friday (we havent applied for the same division, so we arent competing :wink: hehe )

Good luck tomorrow!!


and one quick question,
if anyone can tell me, during the networking session for the ability testing centre, will RBS take how you behav during that period into account? or is it just a Q&A normal networking session with their employees?



They only assess during the two tests, and those are only assessed from when they say begin until they say to finish. So you are allowed to ask any question you want, the people that facilitate/run the ability testing centre are not there to catch you out at all, just to make sure that everyone undergoes the same process, and are a valuable source of information on RBS.

At my ability centre we had three current graduates from the Group Finance, Risk and HR(?) programmes and it was just asking them any questions you may have about RBS or their experiences over tea/coffee/water and some very tasty little cupcakes.

I have just updated the RBS wiki page here [[royal-bank-scotland-group-rbs]] to add a brief outline of the ability testing centre and assessment centre. I only know about the process from a Group functions perspective, can anyone confirm that all RBS grads are doing the same process?


I had an AC on Friday (9.1.2009) in London (Global Markets). Yesterday, I got an offer for summer internship. If you have any questions regarding my AC don’t hesitate to ask.


hey nowaczek,

what was the structure of your assessment day? What exercises did you have to complete?


thank you so much ucayman and rosssm
i hope it will go well
and i can find my way round liverpool street…to 135 bishopsgate…



the AC included:

  1. Numerical Reasoning Test (SHL 20 questions / 20 minutes).

HINT: Take your own calculator and try to use it instead of the small one provided by RBS. In my case it was possible, as everyone in the room came up with the same idea:) We were told that in order to pass it is necessary to answer correct at least 70% of the questions. Consequently, you are allowed to make no more than 6 mistakes.

  1. Interview (only one).

Competency based interview.

HINT: Try to be honest. Most people memorize all the answers. One of the recruiter told me that they have many very good candidates, who sound very artificial.

  1. Group exercise.

The group consisted of 4 students (3 assessors). You have 15 minutes to prepare for the discussion (about 3-4 pages to read). The exercise starts with a short presentation (2 minutes) in which you should present your opinion on the case (ours was about a charity event). After everyone has finished you have 20 minutes to make a decision. By far, making a decision IS the most important part of the exercise.

HINT: In the very beginning suggest that you will be the timekeeper. It helps to keep an eye on the group and lead it.

  1. Presentation.

I didn’t have to do it, as I was 2 hours late for my AC (I spent 6h at the airport waiting for my flight).

HINT: Everyone claimed that this was the most difficult part of the AC.

Last but not least, I was invited for a beer by senior bankers (informal). This was also a part of my AC. Yet, I believe it is not a common part of the AC. In my case, the situation (lack of presentation) required additional assessment.

Kind regards,



Thanks ever so much. That’s really helpful. Im glad its a competency based interview, but did they still ask some technical questions? As for the presentation, did people explain why they found it the hardest?




No technical questions.

The presentation was the hardest one because of the time pressure.

Good luck!