Has anyone been to an AC at RBS? Any insights and experiences would be very much appreciated!

On the company’s website, it says AC consists of 5 exercises:

  • The group challenge
  • The presentation/role play
  • Face to face interview
  • A fastrack psychonometric test (can i practice this anywhere?)
  • Numerical test (on paper)

I have never been to any AC before and really want this job. Can anyone give any advice or their experiences at the RBS AC? esp i have no idea on the role play thing. And another thing, how do you prepare for a presentation/role play/group challenge/any other exercises?



Did you have a look at the [[Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS)]] profile page on WikiJob?

Have a look at the following pages:
*[[Assessment centre]]
*[[Group exercise]]
*[[Numerical reasoning]] - there’s practice tests on this one…


hi cool_zero, i have just been informed that I’ve passed the telephone interview and invited to the ability testing centre (on saturday) but it is already Thursday afternoon. I don’t really know anything about this ability testing centre thing so any experience you can share will be highly appreciated!


Chrism, thanks for your post! yes, i have looked at the RBS profile on Wikijob, even before i did my telephone interview. But I noticed there was no information on wikijob about the RBS AC, so thought maybe someone could share their experiences. Still, as i saw some of your posts on pwc and deloitte, i thought maybe you could tell me more about the group exercises? Theoretically it sound more or less clear, but it would be very helpful to hear your experience. I read somewhere that it’s good to take a leader position from the start, e.i. manage time, start the discussion, involve all other members etc. - how did you go about it?? what if for example 3 people from the team want to be leaders? would i still pass if i just contributed to the discussion and tried to get others involved?

ml85, congratulations on passing the interview! I presume assessment and ability is the same in this context. I would like to help, but it seems you will go through the AC earlier than me (mine is next wednesday). And i haven’t been to any AC before, so maybe you even have more experience than me. Btw, which position are you applying to? Wish you all the best on saturday and hope you can share some of you experience afterwards!


Chrism, as cool_zero said we would really value your advice! Since we’ve come this far obviously we would like to get an offer, and surely with your help we can be better prepared! I suppose that’s why wikijob is such a great forum as people can exchange experience and ideas by helping each other out, although we don’t even know one another!

Cool_zero, thanks I am trying to gather information on this Fastrack test. I was told that the ability assessment centre I am going to is the first part of the assessment centre, so if I pass maybe don’t need to do as much at the actual AC. If you are going to full AC you will certainly be there earlier than me.

I just got this far for the first time as well, so hopefully we will both get a job! I am applying Group Finance, how about you? Good luck to you as well and I will definitely share with you what I did on Saturday when is done!


ml85, i think the most informative link on wikijob about fastrack is this one It does confuse me a lot, but i haven’t found any better info about the exercise on the internet. I am applying to corporate banking. Not actually sure if i get what you are saying. Do you mean you won’t need to sit through the whole AC? how is that?

i really hope someone can shed some light on the AC at RBS, because so far it seems nobody has been there. Or maybe plenty have been there, but nobody has returned! :slight_smile:


Cool_zero, my email just told me the ability testing centre is first half of the assessment centre, as I need to do numerical test and fastrack test tomorrow, so I guess they have split it up and I need to go again for the assessment centre (second half) after I have passed the tests tomorrow. And thanks a lot for the link by the way.

on the thread it seemed that someone should have gone onto the AC, but seemed like they haven’t returned for a while. I think you are going in once and for all rather than splitting it and going in twice like I am doing, that’s all.



ml85, so how did it go on saturday? i am very curious to hear about your overall experience.


the same question as the upstairs… who has the experience in RBS’s AC and could tell some details… It seems that very few people talk about that…so so worried…


panda, when is your AC? i don’t think you should be too worried, you’ll get the job if it is righ for you and you want it very much.

For quite a while i thought wikijob is flawless, which would prove that people who say nothing is perfect in this world are wrong. But i think i realized one thing: it’s very addictive, and once you get used to receiving such specific and detailed information about different assessments in a variety of firms, it’s a terrible feeling when you don’t get that information and you are not so sure anymore what to prepare for, what to expect etc., doubt starts creeping into your mind, bit by bit taking away the confidence you might have had :smiley:

Still, eventhough nothing is perfect, wikijob is the greatest :smiley: !!!


cool_zero, i am back. I don’t think i did too well, just so and so and I have no idea whether I will progress to the next stage or not atm. The numerical one I think is harder than the online test, plus we were given a really small pocket size calculator to work upon which is really inconvenient. Although I asked when they call me and they said I don’t need to bring anything along, one person did bring a calculator along and was allowed to use it. I felt like I have been tricked and cheated…

the fastrack test you get to do a practice one before the actual questions, and there are cards that have some instructions for each exercise, then you have to lay them all out and work out the missing information, some may involve calculations. It is really hard to describe but I think you will not need to worry to much about it.


Hi all-

I have been invited to the AC in january for the Manufacturing leadership, anyone else in the same boat?

Also- in relation to the tests at the AC, are they PSL or SHL?


so has anyone sat the final stage of the AC: the interviews, group exercise and presentation. What is the topic for the presentation? Is it something we can prepare before hand e.g. A hobby or is it random business related topic. I can provide information on the ability testing centre if someone needs it


Hey, anyone that went for the RBS AC last week for group finance -have you heard back yet?



I attended the A/C for Group Finance up in Edinburgh a few weeks ago (01/12??)… So what I say may not be entirely relevant to the programme you have applied for.

I felt the day was one of the most relaxed A/C I have attended, the interview was pretty much a straight competency-based one, so I just talked a lot about my experience from a placement year. Mine had an assessor, a manager in Group Finance, but also a more junior person who was just taking notes (I believe they were being trained in interviewing?? Nobody else at my A/C had two people).

The group exercise was a typical one, 4 candidates, 2 assessors, each candidate gets unique information in addition to a common case-study and you have to reach an agreement amongst yourselves. I suggest you declare yourself the time keeper, and if you feel confident in numbers you could do some quick calculations to do some analysis, i.e. cost per viewer. Also factor in the goals of the case-study organisation, i.e. improve communities, environment, any markets the organisation is trying to expand into…

You do not need to prepare anything for the presentation.
The presentation was OK, but there is SEVERE time pressure… I think we had 25mins to read a 5-page case study and prepare presentation material on flip-chart paper (you get lots), then we went off to different rooms to give a 10 minute presentation to one assessor then spend another 10 minutes answering the assessor’s questions about my proposals/ideas. The assessor makes notes about what you are saying, and they keep your presentation material, presumably they review them later. My one tip would be to think about the structure of your presentation first, write some headings, then as you read through the case study and come up with ideas you can write them on the flip-chart sheets straight away. Leave a few minutes at the end, to check your presentation material for spelling, and if you feel you need some hand-held prompt notes quickly scribble some of them out. In the presentation try to elaborate on any points written down, maybe bring in your own experience, and comment on what other services RBS could provide and what RBS can do to help improve/develop the case-study business.

One last thing, enjoy the lunch! It is quite good… and free. :wink:




I also applied for Group Finance (A/C on the 1st i think), I got a telephone call giving me an offer on Monday 15th.
They told me that they were sending out contract stuff the following day, with a deadline of returning stuff of the 24th. But after not receiveing anything for a week, I phoned them this morning and they told me that they still haven’t sent them out yet.

If I were you I would check on the RBS website to review your application status, or check your emails from them, and you should see a direct phone number for Laura, she seemed quite on the ball and was helpful this morning.



Dear ucayman,

Congrats on your offer and thank you for the advice. Could tell me what the case study was about? Its the area I’m most worried about.



Thanks, took me long enough to get an offer from someone!!

The case study was about a small family-run restaurant, who had a loan with the fictitious bank you work for, which did eat-in, take-out, and home/office deliveries. They had various issues with attracting customers, marketing and staff/service.

So maybe to prepare yourself, you may want to just sit down and think up some ways you would want a restaurant to do to improve its business, maybe there is a really good one in your area and a not so good one, what makes the good one better? Also think about what services a bank could provide to small businesses, the rbs website may offer some clues, not just traditional banking services.

What programme have you applied for? When is your A/C?

Good luck!


anyone having an ac jan 16?


Just in case anyone is still waiting for an offer i had my A/C on the 8th of Dec and got my offer yesterday for Internal Audit! So any delay is not a bad thing!