AC at RBS (GLobal Markets) for summer internship. can anyone help?


Hi everyone!

I’ve got an AC at RBS (Global Markets) for a summer internship position. It should comprise of a case study presentation, group exercise, interview and aptitude test.

Does anyone know anything about the aptitude test and the presentation? Would you like to share your experience?

Any tips would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot and good luck to all who have their ACs coming…


Hi Hazelground, where in global markets did you apply? I applied for Summer Internship Programme - Shanghai - Analyst - Financial Institutions & Portfolio Management but every so often they just send me an email telling me they’re still deciding whether or not to have an AC.

Also when is your AC date? I’m going into finals period in my uni and the last thing I need is 1. rejection, or 2. telling me to go to an AC in the middle of exams.


Hi Wiam,

my AC is next week, on tuesday to be precise - i applied to GM operations because I was very late :(…anyway, the Shanghai internship sounds exciting, i wish i had applied for a similar thing…if you have not received a date yet, chances are high that you will need to show up sometime towards the end of april, and i know how tough it is to coordinate this with your exam prep…good luck!