I am currently applying for jobs in accountancy firms and I have passed online tests and/or telephone interviews and I am either on hold or waiting to hear a date for assessment centres. I have a job working abroad that starts mid December and finishes mid April, and so it will become very difficult, if not impossible, for me to return to the UK for ACs or partner interviews. I have not informed any of the companies that I will not be available from this time, and I am unsure if it is a good idea to tell them prematurely.

Does anyone have any experience of telling companies that you are not free before you have been offered an interview slot?

I have been told by all the companies that the application is simply being reviewed and that they will be in touch in due course regarding an AC. I don’t want to appear rude or assuming, but by the same token I don’t want to miss out because I haven’t informed them. Any advice from anyone, especially recruiters in large firms is appreciated.

Thank you.