ABN AMRO: Graduate Interview Tips



Hello. I’m currently compiling information for a new wiki on ABN AMRO. There is already a lot of information, here - ABN AMRO | WikiJob - but your help is much appreciated in the profile’s further development!

Any information about the interview process and what to expect at interview would be warmly received :slight_smile:



It’s very tough!! …make sure you read the FT every day!


At the first stage, as you already mentioned under the ABN AMRO section, you have a reasoning test which is not your standard SHL or PSL test. This will be done in their office. It is a numerical test which incorporates verbal reasoning but gets progressively harder as each question goes on. You need to get a score of at least 13 (or 14, I forget which) and you are marked according to your accuracy as well. if you are successful at this stage, you will be asked to stay behind and attend a competency based interview on the same day. If you are unsuccessful you will be provided with feedback on your test scores and sent home.


…that’s really useful JB… thanks! If you have anything else to offer it would also be warmly received.