hi. did anyone hear back for the assessment day in february? i just got an email where they said they were shortlisting and to bear with them… then nothing after, but it has been about two weeks since that email. oh well…


Yes I got same but have not heard since…has anyone heard?


I have not heard from them either


still waiting, although on their fb page they have confirmed that the abi day is happening next friday.


Just had the telephone interview. AC will be in Belgium this friday.
Responses will be out today or tmrw.
Did you hear anything so far?


Last friday I got invited to the AB inBev day this friday in Belgium. any one else heard back?

any clues on the activities that happen at the Assessment day?


no news in regard to the AC being held this Friday. Have not heard back from them in over a month.

Fortuna: did they tell you that responses can be expected today during your telephone interview?

lookingforajob: Could you tell me when you had your telephone interview?

Thank you





No I have not heard back…did you get informed by email ‘lookingforajob’ or by a call that you had an invite to an Assessment…?


Lady told at the end of the interview, that I should expect a response today or tmrw.
She did not tell wether by call or email. She just said that responses will be out soon as the
AC is Friday and as my interview was more or less the last one.



Lets keep fingers crossed for all of us…if anyone hears can they say so we know …thank you


Thank you Fortuna,
Hopefully we will all make it.
Will do Peter, will let you guys know as soon as I hear something


hey, i had my interview on the 18th of january and heard back from them last thursday inviting me to the assessment center this friday.


Did they phone you lookingforajob?


I will be present on the 17th for the Assessment day in Brussels hope to see you all there :slight_smile:


Sinan…when did you get notified?..good luck to you all that are going seems like the rest of us didn’t make the cut !


Hi there

I got notified on the 11th of of January …


Got an email yesterday evening saying that application, test and interview results are under consideration and that they will be in contact with me in the next few weeks.

Think Friday should be full and consideration is for 12th april.


I got email today saying assessment is now full this Friday and next one is 12th April and they will advise if I am selected…


I will see you on Friday … btw where are you guys staying in Brussels? I hope we all will make it thru! Do you know how many ppl are gonna be selected fo the Final Panel?