Hi guys,
If you had your Inbev day on 29th March can you please tell me what is on it?
I have mine on 7th of April in Moscow.
Individual presentation? what topic?

thanks in advance


Hey guys,

Any specific competence questions for the interview?



Hi all!

Can anybody who got the offer share their whole recruitment experience here?

Btw, has anybody applied for the January 2012 intake? I have been filling up their forms the past days, but I encountered a technical problem with their application system, I don’t even know if my work has been saved or not and I have been refreshing the page to get some positive feedback but it seems that the site is down. I can’t proceed with my application. Has anybody encountered this same problem as mine?


Hey guys,

I just completed my online tests yest. I am still awaiting the result of the logical test, but am confident that i ll get through it . I just wanted to know , what the next step is after the online tests ?



phone interview


Hey guys,

I am just wondering that how long does it take for them to contact you after the phone interview?

Thank you very much


hey stuhep

did you finish your phone interview already? i will have mine on wednesday. can i ask what questions they asked?

thank you very much!


hey shayira,

could you share the competency qns asked for the telephonic ? yr help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey Aeris,

From what I hear, it is possible to apply for the role throughout the year. When you say Jan 2012 intake do you mean the one where the deadline for submitted applications was October 31st??


Hey radwimps,

I was just wondering how long it took for them to get back to you for the phone interview? I completed all my tests on the 7th of November. However I got a mail from them telling me all slots for the Telephone interview are taken, and as a result they will get back to me in a couple of weeks.

Could you tell me by when you had approx finished your tests??

thank you!


Can anyone who has had a tel interview advise what questions they were asked…I have never had a tel interview so any help would be appreciated



What was the logical test like? I’ve looked at SHL website but they do not have a test called “logical test”. Is it like the inductive? verbal? Did you practice anywhere? thanks


Yes, the inductive reasoning test in SHL is the logical test for AB InBev. Its actually quite easy, don’t think you should have a problem clearing it.


Kandrikal…have you had tel interview ?


Yup, I had it yesterday. To be honest, this was the 5th telephone interview in the last month and a half and she was the worst interviewer of the lot. In a 30 min interview she asked me 14 questions and seemed least bothered about any of the answers. It seemed to me like she was under more pressure than I was to finish the interview on time.


hi Kandrikal…any news after your tel interview?


no news as yet, they have not got back to me. have they got back to you as yet?? how did your tel interview go???


My tel interview was about 25 mins!! not heard back!!!


Hey PeterThompson,
any news about the interview?? have they got back to you as yet?? its been over 3 weeks now for me


Hi Guys,

I just finished my logical reasoning test, frankly I don’t really know how it went so eagerly awaiting the result. I got the result for the numerical test within hours of giving it, can someone tell me how long it takes for them to get back to you with the Logical reasoning result.

Thanks a ton!