Hi all,

I have a first round interview for AB-INBEV’s Global Management Trainee Program coming up at the end of the week. They have told me it is only a brief interview, but does anyone know what it involves and likely questions asked?



Highly likely to have some competency based questions and questions about the industry - FMCG/retail, who are our competitors, what problems is the industry/our company facing right now, etc. Have you had the interview already? If so, how did it go?


Hi everyone, I have iswell a first assesment day for ab inbev coming up in two weeks. does anyone know what the interview will involve. it says a group exercise and thats all. then an interview after if ur successful. help much appreciated.


Hey does anyone knows what AB InBev assessment day includes specifically???


The first interview is all behavioural. I haven’t gotten anything that ask about the industry , competitors or market insight, although it’s possible that stuff would come up on assessment days.

Behaviourals were all right, not particularly hard to answer, but they might probe you for more info so better not make anything up.


Thanks for your reply. I passed the 1st phone interview and now I am in the 1st assessment day step. Do you know possible questions or what does the day include exactly?


hey pitsiko, when is ur assessment and where. I will be having mine in london on 29th.


Hey Chyke,

I ll have mine in London on 11th November . When is it yours ?on 29th of October?Please can you give me feedback of yours? Thanks and good luck

Hey Noughty Graduate ,

They asked me a few thing about myself and then some competences questions, team role, problems with projects or customers that I have ever faced ,my strengths and weaknesses. why I chose AB and the programme. Good luck


Noughty Graduate: Just like Pitsiko said, the Skype interview was all behavioral.

Pitsiko, I will see you on the 11th!

Good luck to everyone else!


I said the same thing – it was all behavioral. Standard interview questions. You’ll be fine! :slight_smile:



It took a week for them to get back to me with an invitation to the assessment centre. Oddly enough, they asked me to go to AB Inbev’s France location. Wanted me there for 8:30am in 2 days, without aiding with a hotel. Apparently it was not a mistake! Upon expressing my concerns, they asked if I’d prefer going to the London AC instead next week. Of course I would! That would be infinitely more doable.

So I’ll be there on Nov 26th.

Weird though, the France AC was at AB InBev, but the UK one is at Hudson’s offices.


ScoobyBlue, Pitsiko, Chyke,

How did your assessment days go? Successful? Feel free to grace us with your thoughts :slight_smile:



I’ll share my experiences, hope it helps to someone. After the Skype interview, I was invited to the 1st assessment day in London. The first task was a group discussion, after which the cut was made and some of us went through to the next round. In the group discussion the idea is to collaborate, and to find a solution as a group. Fairly easy, but you’re under the time pressure and the fact that assessors are constantly observing everyone. The interview questions were 100% behavioral, so prepare an answer for each possible situation: success, failure, leadership, etc.

They promised to inform about the results right after the AC, but I still haven’t heard anything from Hudson. I even emailed them twice, asking for ANY kind of response, but all I get in response is complete silence. I suppose that’s how it feels to be dumped after the first date.



Man, that’s so sad!! Haha.

Honestly though I feel for you I really do.

Thanks for sharing how your day went. Bit surprised they are still only asking behavioural questions, after doing that in the telephone interview.

I’m sure you’ll hear back soon. I’ve read of others being told the same thing but an eventual response was received.

How did you find the group exercise? Easy, you say? Do you care to share a rough outline of what it was about? Does it end with each person giving a presentation on what their contribution was?

Sorry for all the questions.

Hope it works out for you.


Actually, my most concerning question is what your and others’ interpretation of a “casual dress code” was?

Were there any suits? Ties? I’m not a polo kinda guy!

Call me paranoid, but I don’t want to be rejected on account of overdressing.


Mr M, thanks. About the dress code: some were casual, some wore suits w/out ties. AbInveb apparently is a very casual company, even their CEO wears a baseball cap to work. A few representatives, who were at the assessment, were very casual. I mean jeans and stuff… So anything goes, just be confident in your clothes.

And yes, the interview questions were essentially the same as on Skype, just more depth. Was expecting smth else though. About the group exercise, I heard they change the case every time, so it won’t help what we did. From what I understood, the point is to be clear and to collaborate. Our group didn’t give a presentation, even though there was a flip chart at hand. As cliche as is sounds, there is no right answer and the correct way to do it. You either fit the profile or not, as simple as that.


Thanks for clearing that up, much appreciated :slight_smile:

If I’ve taken one thing away from watching the apprentice, it’s to always take advantage of a flip chart.


good luck in the AC. I’m sure you’ll do fine.


Hi Mr M,
Please would you be kind enough to give me a clue on the type of questions you were asked in your first interview? I have mind in a few days. Thank you… Oh, and since the interview is over skype, do I need to turn my wedcam on?


Hey!! I’ll suggest that you visit glass door and look at the ab inbev interview questions. They’re are the same I was asked.