A third in second year and still trying to graduate with a 2:1?


I got a 2:1 in my 1st year. I did horribly this year (second year) I got a 2:2 (57%), it weights 33% of my degree. Is it possible to get a first class degree when I graduate ? My final year weights 67 percent. Please help !!! I’m freaking out


Although this is also a really old post, but for anyone in a similar situation I can honestly say a 2.1 is possible. In my first year I got a 3rd. 2nd yr I worked a little harder and managed a 2.2. Then it hit me. In order to get a 2.1 I better work my ass off. I got high 2.1 for every module and spent 3 months obsessing over every details of my dissertation (got 75%). By some miracle of God and some crazy hard work. I walked away with a 2.1 degree. So yeah its possible.


How? Feel as if I’m going to be in the same situation this year


Do your best thats all you can do, but my advice would be to focus on the assessment criteria found in course handbook, and address the learning outcomes given to you when the assessment is released. Focus on critical analysis, relating to theory in your arguments and being able to synthesise. Formulate your own arguments along with being critical of research done by someone else. ensure your work is well structured, it flows and ensure you reference properly. My third year assessments have been mixed where each lecturer has their own style, meet with them to go through the assessment and ask what they’re wanting, if you engage with them they will engage with you and give you advice. Im awaiting one more module result - due tomorrow- and never did i think i was capable of achieving a 2:1, I’ve only got to get 51 in my final module. I was on a 2:2 last year. do not think about the first year as normally doesn’t count. I wish you all the best!