A third in second year and still trying to graduate with a 2:1?


No…but it’s getting to the interview that’s the hard part!


You think? Always thought the online application was just to filter down the possible candidates. 2:1 would get your foot in the door. The first interview is the major break, after that about 75% of candidates who make the final assessment day receive an offer.


i got 2:2 its so hard to get a job!


A 2.1 alone doesn’t guarantee you an interview, especially at a top law firm. You need a good application, good CV an experience, etc, too.

I wouldn’t agree that 75% of candidates who are invited to assessment days get the job - but it is true that a greater proportion of people invited to final stage assessment get job offers, than the proportion of people invited to first stage assessment after making their application. That’s why I think getting the interview is the hard part!


On our assessment day we were given a brief rundown on how many people get through each stage (as a “you’ve done really well to get this far” sort of speech). According to the graduate recruitment contact about half of all applicants at each stage progress to the next - so from 15,000 applications 7,500 go to online tests, then 3-4,000 get to interview, 2,000 go on to the assessment centre, and of those approximately 1,000 were offered a position (this is nationwide in the UK).

So based on those figures, it would certainly seem that getting to the first interview is the biggest step!


15,000 applications! That is a lot. Where was that?


Sorry, KPMG. I imagine the 15,000 is a general sort of average (or forecast), as I assume the actual number of applications will vary each year…


Redsuperted, it’s hard to tell if second year grades made a difference as I don’t know what the recruiter thought when they looked at my application and proceeded to reject it in hand! But I was invited to interview last summer with an okay-ish firm and they did make a comment along the lines of “so d’ya think you’re gonna sort these grades out next year?!” so uhm yes it did matter alot, but then again my appalling interview wouldn’t have done me much favours either! I was also asked about them at another interview too, and just froze when I was asked. But at the end of the day, they saw the grades on the form and still invited me, which means they’re willing to hear from you, so just need to show why those grades no longer reflect you (without proportioning blame on another). I deliberately chose difficult third year modules too, so that if I did well, they couldn’t say it was because I chose [some unnamed subject incase I offend].

I agree a 2.1 doesn’t guarantee you an interview at all, but I think a 2.1 from Oxbridge almost certainly does! I read a friend’s application and I have to be honest, it wasn’t that great at all: Little work experience, generic answers applicable to any number of large firms as an answer for why she wanted to join [x] firm. But guess thats the power of a degree from those Universities.

And, I wish it was 75% successful @ assessment!


As people have said a 2:1 doesn’t guarentee you an interview. What will though is a 2:1 together with a good application, with concise responses which actually answer the questions and are targeted at the specific organisation you are applying for, other interests and activites, these show you have personality and a life outside work, and of course good grammar in all your forms and CV etc.

Large companies get a lot of applications and often in the initial screening they’ll reject many of them without having even looked at them. Normally this is done by using a computer to scan for spelling errors or perhaps for use of particular words they want to see. So if you don’t make the interview, don’t be too disheartened. It may be the case that you overlooked a small error somewhere. Just make sure you have good answers and you check everything thouroughly. You’ve done the hard work getting a degree, don’t throw it away by being careless in an application.


Good post. I’ve known people bang out applications to companies without spending time even spell-checking. It’s not about quantity at application, it’s about quality. Send 20 poor applications and you’ll probably get 0 interviews. Send 2 very well written applications, and you’ll probably get 1.


I agree Ed. I only applied to 3 firms. I spent a long time on each form, researching the firms and thinking about my answers and I got invited to (although didn’t attend) interviews at all 3. The devil is in the detail so to speak!


“Attention! Attention! Attention! … to details!” - Audit requirement.


I got an average of 57% in my second year, which is a 2:2, and i came out with a 73% average 1st class degree, so if you work hard mate, you can do it! Im living proof


thanks Zulkfal. much appreciated


hi musee …, I am in same condition as you were I got 3rd in second year you think is it still hope to get 2.1 , i am actually really gutted. Could you able me to tell that how much second year contributes towards final degree mark



You can still get a 2:1, you just have to work really hard and ensure you score a couple of first classes in some modules. Nothing is impossible in this world.


I got 54% in my second year which is worth 40% of my final degree. Am I correct in saying I need about 64% in my final year to get a 2:1?


Ok Im confused… Both my 2nd year and 3rd year of my LLB Law degree account as 50% each of the degree. So what grades do I need to get in the 2nd year and 3rd to get a 2.1 in the end?
I have 6 modules in each year…
Would appreciate if someone could help me because all this is far too confusing for me. Thank you


Hi, I know this is a pretty old thread not sure if there’s a more recent one but I’d really like to know the same thing as my degree is 50:50 for second and third year and because I had some stuff going on in second year I only got a low 2:2… as my two re-takes were capped so it really brought down my average… I’m looking at 52/53% for my second year, and would appreciate any help! Thanks :slight_smile:



I got a 2:1 in my 1st year. I did horribly this year (second year) I got a 2:2 (57%), it weights 33% of my degree. Is it possible to get a first class degree when I graduate ? My final year weights 67 percent. Please help !!! I’m freaking out