A.T. Kearney Assessment Centre


I have been invited to the 2nd round interview at A.T. Kearney, which is a full day assessment. Has anyone been through this process? What can I expect and how can I prepare? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!



I have been invited to a 2nd round assessment center at A.T. Kearney too and would love to hear about your experience. Whatever you can share will be helpful.



Hi People,

Can you please share your experience from the AC? Anything would be more than welcomed.



Does AT kearney have any specific entry requirements?? will they accept something like a 2:2 engineering degree??


I have a second round interview with AT Kearney. It would be really helpful if anyone could share their experiences with the group round, case study, and email exercise. I’ll be sure to share my experiences once i’ve had the interview. Any advice on how to prepare would also be helpful.