A silly problem but still a problem!


Hi all,

Been reading wikijobs for months now, and found it really useful in my applications, so thanks to all of those unknown contributors out there who gave me so many tips!

I know this isn’t really a problem considering how a lot of people are still really struggling with their applications etc, but here goes…

I’ve finally been offered my dream job with a bank starting in September, the problem is that I graduated last year and have had to move back home for this year. I went all out on my job hunt and haven’t earnt very much money since being at home, because I’ve just been applying, applying, applying!! But I’m at my wits end at having to live at home with my parents any longer!
Is anyone in a similar situation, basically with a few months to kill until there job starts? I can’t really afford to go travelling and was wondering if anyone knew of any volunteer things abroad, that you don’t necessarily make any money on, but which also don’t cost very much too go on, or anything similar!?

I basically need to get away from living at home with my parents (who are driving me mental!) and wanted to know if anyone had any ideas or suggestions!?

Thanks in advance, and if you see a 21 year old guy from the Midlands on the news because he’s killed his parents… it’s probably me. :wink: