A quick question about ACA


Hi everyone
I have an assessment day with BDO coming up and its for the ACA. Initially it was supposed to be for tax but the woman giving me first round interview said its the ACA I will be doing.

What sort of things do you do on a day to day basis in your first year when studying for the ACA?
Is it a mixture of audit and tax together?


Well, it depends what service line you have applied to. It seems you have applied to tax and will be doing the ACA at the same time. Check the BDO website to find out what you will be doing in tax and check some of the forums here. Shouldn;t be too difficult to find.

You should definitely be very clear you know what you have applied for and what you will be doing in your first year to be successful at the AC (Tbh i am a little surprised you got to the ACA without a clear idea of the role - you must have excelled in other areas!)


thanks for the response.
Well, the thing is I applied for tax initially and i know the work of tax inside out. I assumed I would be doing something like the CTA alongside ACA, but they told me its just the ACA.

The initial interview went really well and they asked a lot of questions around why tax and not audit. the interviewer actually invited me to AC before the interview even finished. I posted the question just to be 100% sure. From what I have researched, the ACA is a mixture of tax and audit.
But ye thanks ill have a look at their website