A Question about About KPMG Assessment centre


I attended an interview yesterday with KPMG yesterday and was informed this morning that I would be invited to AC
At 14:20, I got an Email, asking me to book a date. Ten minutes later, I got another Email, saying “We have received an unprecendented amount of applications for our programmes this year and unfortunately this has resulted in us experiencing some delays in organising sufficient interviewers or assessors to meet the volume required.” That means delay, right? When approximately will they hold another AC? Anyone who has the same experience? Could anyone advise? Thanks a lot


…argh… confusing. This sounds like some kind of automated emailer glitch. Did you call KPMG? I would… tell them about the problem and ask what this all means. If there is going to be a delay before your [[assessment centre]] it probably won’t be too long. They usually run these very frequently.


Definately call them. They get thousands of applications and so these things happen (sadly too often). Give them a call and see- the reason being- if your [[KPMG]] [[assessment centre]] is too away, the places for the scheme you picked and the start date you picked may all fill up (it has happened!).


Thank you very much for your kind advice.
I sent an Email to them and was told the next AC would be held probably in September. Do you think I will have to call them again?


You’ve already seen that their system is fallable and that their HR are capable of making mistakes. If you want to make sure you get on the [[Assessment centre|AC]] I’d call them every week! If you’re not 100% clear about when your AC will be call them and find out.


I wouldn’t stalk them but realise that like anything which involves processing thousands of applications, the system is far from perfect- you may need to keep tabs on the progress. Because September is pretty soon I’d keep calling them and ask for date- tell them you’re thinking about going travelling an dyou need a date ASAP or something.


From my experiences with applications, there are countless errors that can occur. I had similar problems with PWC and KPMG so just rang up HR to sort out things in person. They were very decent about it.