A problem you have not been able to solve?


What is this question really looking for?

“A problem you have not being able to solve”

does it mean that you relied on your teams help to solve the problem as you couldn’t do it individually or is it a trick question haha

what sort of answer would you put?

thanks for anyones help!


Which company’s application is that question from?

It looks like a type of half [[problem solving]] and half [[teamwork]] question - can you write it out in full? …it appears to be asking you what action you take when you are personally unable to do something. Everyone is unable to do something themselves, once in a while, but not everyone takes appropriate action.

For example, ‘‘recently I was having trouble figuring out the next step to take regarding a pr campaign I was working on. I couldn’t figure out a solution myself, so went to a business adviser who had the benefit of hindsight, and helped me to create and implement an effective strategy’’…

I think this is the kind of thing they’re looking for.



As always, if you haven’t seen it, check the pages on [[competency based questions]] and [[competency based interview]]. These are always helpful!


Ahh thanks, actually it’s just for a GT interview which I heard it might come up in. (so that is the whole question)

Yup I guess its a team work questions, thanks!


It’s one of those questions which attempts to find out if candidates can “think outside the box” - i.e. what would you do if you were walking along a path and you met a brick wall.

It’s not too bad really. Just don’t say “I can always solve problems” or they’ll just mark you off as arrogant - although I’d give you respect :stuck_out_tongue: