A Level Question


Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any help. I am about to start applying for accounting graduate positions and have a question regarding my A’Levels. I have 4 A’levels:

A - Pure Maths
A - Statistics
B - Chemistry
E - Physics

My question is should I include the E in Physics??? If I don’t and get an offer, can the fact that I haven’t included it in the first place cause me problems??


There have been many threads on this topic. The conclusion is that you include ALL your A levels. The instructions for applications ask you to list them all.


Hi mm355,

With applying to KPMG, you should list all your A-Level grades, but we consider the top 3 A-Levels only, so this shouldn’t effect your application process.

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Hurrah for some input from one of the Big 4.
That’s re-assuring, yes?