A-level certificates



Hi Sam,

I have just found out that my A-level certificates may have been lost. I have reordered them, but they may not arrive before my start date. I have my GCSE, AS and Degree certificates, will there be a problem if I don’t have my A-levels on the first day?

Thanks for all of your help.


If you can bring in what you can, and explain the situation to the person that takes them, that should be fine. In the meantime, if you have a results / subject breakdown that would suffice in the absence of the actual certificates. If you are able to get them reordered we would ask that you bring them in once you have them.





Thanks for the quick response, I have reordered my certificates and will hopefully have them before I start. With regards to my degree, is it just the certificate that I need to provide?

Thanks again.


Yes, the degree certificate is fine.