A funnily worded question


I’m currently doing the Standard Chartered application (great programme, I have to say), and one of the questions is as follows:

“The International Graduate Programme spans across 20 different countries - please tell us how you will be an effective global colleague.”

Now, I’m very confused by the wording of this question. Is it asking how you’ll interact with colleagues in different offices around the world, or is it asking how I will be an effective colleague in an international organisation? Perhaps both? I have emailed SC, but no reply yet, and so I call upon you WikiJobbers!

Thanks in advance.


It’s a very general question - its not really asking anything specific.

You could certainly discuss the points you brought up (“how you’ll interact with global colleagues” and “how you’ll be effective in an international organisation”). I’d talk about what you think makes an effective global colleague first (communication skills, teamwork skills, open to different ways of doing things, understanding people are different) and then explain how you match these skills and competencies.

Why’s the [[Standard Chartered Bank]] grad scheme so good?!


It’s different to other banks. I think other banks pay lip service to being international, because they have a few offices in the US, mainland Europe and Asia. But Standard Chartered has offices on every continent, and that’s what you call truly international (for instance, I’ve applied to UAE). There are quirky things like the chance to learn Mandarin, and secondments in the democratic republic of Congo. Importantly, you’re rotated through every area of Investment Banking - from Operations right through to Front Office. You can’t do that at any other bank, and I think that working for SC will turn you into a very well rounded and interesting person!

If I’m successful, I’ll wax a little bit more lyrical about the programme.

Thanks for clarifying that question.