A few questions



I’ve got a first round interview with Deloitte coming up, and having gone through various threads in wikijob, the key takeaway is that you need to prepare 2 examples for each competency. However I was looking for clarity on a few things:

-Am I right in assuming that you need 2 examples for all competencies, except for Commercial Awareness and Career Motivation?

-There seems to be conflicting information on how the competencies are assessed. Some people recall their interviewer saying ‘‘Give me an example of (insert competency here).’’, while others recall their interviewer phrasing it in the form of ‘‘Tell me a time when you had to persuade someone’’, which assesses communication in an indirect way.

If someone could clarify this, perhaps with examples of what questions they were asked, it would be much appreciated and I’m sure that it would help a lot of other people prepare too.

Many Thanks


With Deloitte I had both types, “give me an example of working in a team” as well as “tell me of a time when you solved a problem”. Prepare for both.


yeah prepare for both, although ultimately is it not the same thing?

good old STAR format!
this situation, goal was to do X, I chose to do X, that was the result

It seems to have worked for me!

But obviously not robotic, try to always show personality


Ahh I see. I’ll make sure that I prepare for both types.

That’s a good point Chris, and it’s true, I do worry that a STAR format will come off as robotic. I also worry that being concise also serves to come off as cold and robotic aswell, in a manner similar to the terminator.



If you want to pass that interview, you are going to have to use STAR. Stick with the terminator.