A few questions - KPMG final assessment



Hi, I’ve got a KPMG final assessment day for ACA audit coming soon and I’ve read the wikijobs sections and forums quite thoroughly but just had a few questions.

  1. Firstly with the e-tray exercise, I found a couple of examples that required decisions but failed to find any examples of the written section. Does anyone know where I can find one and/or give me more of an idea what to expect? From what I gathered, we just have to write two e-mails in response to some problems but was unsure how long the e-mails tended to be.

  2. For the presentation I’ve been a bit risky by choosing both business that is both large and a KPMG client. I’m hoping I won’t get marked down too badly if I don’t know everything and hope they’ll be impressed that I do know quite a lot about this firm.

For anyone who has done the KPMG presentation, it says you’re not allowed a powerpoint presentation, nor a flip chart etc. Does this mean I just give the partner my handout and then present? I just imagined it would be strange presenting without seeing my own handouts.

  1. I’m going to read up the credit crunch again but wanted to make sure one thing. In the U.S. the interest rate rose meaning that sub-prime mortgages (those mortgages to people who had poor credit ratings) fell through because the people couldn’t pay them and the value of the houses didn’t cover the money that the banks had lent.

So banks lost a lot of money and now are afraid to lend much to people and businesses which reduces investment and spending etc which links to the economy as a whole.

I don’t entirely get the part where high risk mortgages were repacked with low risk mortgages so that the credit rating of the total investment looked good to different financial institutions. But now people don’t know who owns what, so lots of investment funds, pensions, hedging funds etc were written off which affects the whole business community.

  1. Anything big hit the world of audit lately?

Thanks in advance and any extra advice is of course welcome!

  1. Don’t worry too much about this- this is quite easy. If you are able:
    *Write in good professional English (a given if you are native)
    *Manage your time properly
    You won’t really need muhc practice. The written exercise is based on the information given to you during the [[e-tray exercise]] and relates to that particular scenario.

Like I said, if you are a fluent English speaker you’ll be fine. Some places do this on the computer, others do it by hand, so make sure you can touch type.

There is no spelling checker provided so be confident of what words you choose!

  1. You can have your own handout/notes but effectively you give your presentation in an interview room, in an interview situation, rather than a proper board meeting. They are looking for your presentation skills. After you’ve done the presentation, they’ll quiz you about your presentation and the company for about 15 minutes, to test your analytical ability and ability to justify your points.

If you don’t mind me asking, what did you choose any why? Picking a [[KPMG]] client is not the end of the world, but it is a risky business.

  1. You don’t need to worry too much about the repackaging of investments- this is a technical issue where high risk investments were marketed as low risk investments. Just make sure you understand the cause and knock on macroeconomic effect.

  2. Read [[credit crunch effect on audit]] and [[sarbanes-oxley act]]. These things are particularly relevant.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Chris, I’ve already done the presentation and partner interview but since there were not enough people for the group assessment I’ve actually got it tomorrow so I’ll give a proper reply when I got time!


Good luck!


Yeah best of luck mate!


It was today wasn’t it Terry? How did it go?!


Cheers for asking Red, I got the job!

Problem is that it’s the 2009 intake since all the places got filled. However I decided to accept anyway and figure something useful to do in the next year…

Is there anything I can do during the next year (other than to get a job for a year) that will make my life easier once I start in 2009? Ideally I want to do anything that will give me a headstart for my career.

I’ll put up a much longer post later about my assessment day etc but for now I’m going to spend a weekend at a friends and relax!!

Thanks for all the help guys!


Well done Terry! Yep, you deserve a celebratory weekend :stuck_out_tongue: …if it was me I’d go travelling. Learning a foreign language would no doubt benefit your career. …but seriously, you’ll have enough work ahead of you at KPMG - take the opportunity to have a worry free year off and just have fun knowing you have a job for 2009!

Looking forward to your feedback… congrats!


Hello guys,

Could you guys give us a hint what kind of companies e-tray is about? Internet, retail or smth else? What kind of strategy should we advise on? Growth, expansion, merger ?

I did pass Deloitte e-tray, but slightly worried about written part of KPMG’s e-tray since there are two e-mails we have to write. I heard KPMG’s e-tray is much, much harder than deloitte’s.
I am kind of gutted ,i messed up Deloitte partner interview that cost me a job.

I would really appreciate slight hints about KPMG’s e-tray.



I’ll make a post now about my KPMG assessment day and I’ll cover the e-tray exercise but to be honest it was my first time of doing one properly and I found it very easy. I know some others struggled though.


Well done Terry! Assessment days are a nightmare for some, and a gift for others. It all boils down to confidence in the end - it will get you far in your career!