A few basic queries that are really annoying me-please help!


Hey guys,

I have a few basic questions which are really bugging me and I was wondering wether anyone here could help shed some light!

Basically I have an offer from a large firm for ‘audit’ in london starting in autumn 2012.

I am aware that much of an auditors time is spent at clients offices as opposed to the firms, so does that mean that I could be working outside of London a lot?
The reason I ask this is that I am trying to arrange living arrangements with some friends who also start in London around the same time. I’m slightly apprehensive about sorting out accomodation in London if I’m not going to even be working there half of the time. Or is it the case that I as I applied for London audit the clients offices I will be working will all be based within London?

Secondly, If after my 3 years I decided that auditing isn’t the career path I want to go down, what are my other options realistically? What else can I go into with an ACA? I’ve read a lot about people wanting to move into more advisory/consultancy type roles, but the seem to be getting mixed replies from some people saying that is fairly standard/achievable route and others saying it’s very different and hard to do. Does anyone have any input on this possibly from their own or a friends experiences?

Also, is it fairly common for someone to complete their 3 years at a big 4 firm and move to another smaller firm into a more senior position i.e. move from PwC to GT. Or vice versa, someone to move from BDO to KPMG in order to go for a more specialised role?

I realise a lot of the above is pretty mundane and hypothetical, but I just really want to know what i’m getting myself into, what the future prospects are etc. before I commit myself fully for 3 years!

Many thanks in advance.




Hi there! First off, many congrats for your offer! I don’t know about your specific firm (obviously) but i’m fairly sure with the big 4, the londoners stay in london. There is MORE than enough work in the city and there is little need to travel elsewhere so I would say it is a fairly safe bet to get the apartment (on the safe side might want to ask someone in the firm yourself or ring up recruitment / your contact after receiving the offer).
It is very, very common to move out of audit after qualified. I think the majority of people leave almost immediately after qualifying (maybe within a year). It is one of the best finance / highly sought after qualifications and nearing the end of your contract, it is common to receive multiple job offers daily!!
I think it is possible to move from one finance firm to another but i’m not too sure why. I know that if i move, it will be to move into industry (because I REALLY like my firm). I would take it one step at a time but for your first two points, you should be fine (might want to double check the apartment nonetheless!).

Good luck!