A company doing well, Apple?


Hello, thanks everybody for the help in my previous topic.

Was just thinking about the questions about a company doing well and how they can improve etc. There seems to be a lack of companies doing well atm and i considered using apple, as they have posted good 4th quarter results, however upon looking in more detail, it appears they are already audited by KPMG and so i wouldnt be able to mention anything about how KPMG could benefit from them, particularly as they are SEC listed and so fall uder the SOX law. Does the question require linking into what benefits kpmg could apply or is it simply about business knowledge?

Thanks for your help


i used them in my deloitte interview, think it was more about business knowledge for them


I would use something more like Primark. a cheap retail company like this bucks the trend of the credit crunch as people will decide to not purchase “long term” luxury designer goods, but will purchase cheap “short term” clothes.


Apple is only doing good so far. They have been trying to boost their revenue through selling IPhone outside of the United States, which was quite a success story so far. The economy is expected to contract next year and especially towards the luxury end of the retail industry, and Apple is expected to take a hit. So it really depends on the scope you are looking at when you talk about company like that.


Hi everyone. I am preparing for my first round interview with PwC. I am looking for a company not performing well these days. Can someone help me with this question. Thanks in advance.


Go on the FT or BBC business news and have a look there. I’d personally avoid doing Apple - they will have heard it all before so it will be able to fault you.


I think primark is a good positive example.

Anyone has ideas about a company not doing well?