A Career in Accounting


Hello everyone,
I am looking for some career advice. I currently own and operate a catering company. I am looking to make a career change into accounting.
Any comments are greatly appreciated.


Hi there,

Congrats on considering a career change! It is also great that you owned and operated your own company! This gives great experience in terms of business understanding and accounts and will give you a lot to talk about in interview.
I assume you haven’t currently got an accounting qualification and so I would recommend one of the top 10/ 20 accounting firms (the higher the better) to do a graduate scheme. It lasts 3 years but you will be a fully qualified accountant (they pay for all of your exams and give time off work), have lots of experience and the ability to move pretty much anywhere in the accounting field afterwards.

Let me know if you have any other specific queries!
Good luck.