72 Working Hours



I’ve applied for corporate finance at Deloitte and completed the numeracy test, now I have been asked to complete the verbal test.

The problem is I’m not able to do it until Sunday night (at the earliest)

How long does 72 working hours give me? I realise its probably longer than literally 72 hours - but it seems stupid to risk forfeiting my application just for want of asking.


Might seem a bit … obvious but have you considered calling HR and asking them to extend the application?

What the hell did people do before the internet?!


I just have, they said I can have until tuesday - it still don’t really know how the working hours system works though…

Surely a day is 8 working hours - so 72 hours is 9 working days?


That admittedly is quite confusing. I’d assume it meant 72 hours, as in actual time (shocking I know!). Not familiar with the concept of a working hour; that being a non-standard measurement by anyone’s standards.

Perhaps you should advise them that in their effort to make the wording simpler and more easily understood they’ve only succeeded in doing the exact opposite.


They are quite probably reading this thread and I’m sure they’ll take this on board :stuck_out_tongue:

…72 working hours is really confusing. It’s normally three days to a week. Interested to hear how you find the test and what you thoughts of the maths test. KPMG has a reputation for being a bit of a tough one.


I completed the Deloitte numeracy test a few days ago, i’ve got to say i found it a lot more difficult than the practice one on this site - probably due to the pressure, the format of the questions were pretty similar if slightly more complicated than those in the practice test.

Also maybe adding another test would help? after completing the practice test once it becomes a bit pointless doing it again.