>60 Rejections so far


Hi guys,

I have gotten more than 60 rejections and 2 waitlisted from consultancies, banks and pharma companies so far. The thing is that I am not even given a chance for a phone or 1st interview at most of these companies.

I have a 1st class science degree from Oxford, and I am currently doing my masters (also science related).
I have 3 internships - 1 in global markets in a 2nd tier MM, another for a local bank (non-UK), and one lab related
I have managed to pass most numerical/verbal/abstract reasoning tests

This is just so frustrating… Is anyone experiencing this? :frowning:

Could it be because I am a non-UK or EU citizen and companies are not willing to sponsor because there are rumours that the PSW will be cancelled?


Its probably that your a virgin and you spend your time on applications!

The real reason is that you’ve done too many internships, i did one and got the job. If you have more then 1 its looks like your a serial loser.


There is nothing wrong or being a loser for doing 3 internships. You could show companies that you have a diverse and well-rounded background with lots of experience.

The competition is definitely harder for international students, and the only thing you could do is to keep trying. Perhaps looking into other options as well: working in other countries, applying to 2nd tier or smaller companies.

Also, what is your main career goal? Consulting, bank or pharma? Focus on the one you really want and maybe tailor your application to the specific career/ position. You may not want to include your lab internship in an application for bank, unless you’ve got relevant skills.

Networking! Contact people, ask around, especially when you come from Oxford, there are a lot of alumni you can contact.

Good luck :slight_smile:


erm yeh it is - if u do 3 internships - then 3 companies have had a look at you and said no. 1 is ok, you could say ‘‘the desk weren’t hiring’’, but for 3 consecutive places to not be hiring is kinda low.


Nah, if the internships are in other countries, and you want a job in the UK, that’s a different story. Perhaps focusing on getting an internship in the UK since the beginning would give better chance, if your original plan is to work here.


Hi there,

I feel for you. I can totally imagine how frustrating that must be! I would advise you first and foremost to ignore that awful post that was left by the person who made the “serial loser” comment. Total arrogant, cocky wastebag! I’ve worked with so many people like that in my time so don’t be discouraged. He / she will fall on their sword!

Anyway, I feel the most helpful thing you could do is:

  1. Priortise- which sector do you want to go into? Why? If you seriously wouldn’t mind either one then have three different sets of applications, CVs, cover letters, interview-based answers etc to cover each one. Make sure you learn them to the T and remove any reference from each one that betrays your motivation for that profession. E.g. for consultancy applications- remove reference to your lab work or work in pharmaceutical companies. If you really do want to work in this industry within consulting then I’m sure your degree background will be enough evidence to demonstrate interest. Make yourself sound less ‘science-y’.

  2. The wastebag, immbecile poster in some respects has a point. Don’t mention all of your internships on one application seeing as they were not successful. The most relevant one for each will suffice. People like to be surrounded by the aura of success. If one company didn’t hire and the other finds out, they may over-emphasise any initial reservations they have about you and may think, “oh he/ she is like this… yeah, I can see it now… that’s why the other companies did not hire”. Success, success, success- demonstrate yourself as someone who has been successful and who will continue to be successful.

  3. If you have not done so already, have your CV and Covering Letters looked over by a professional. Preferrably someone you know who might actually work in recruitment and / or from that company or similar ones as well as your uni careers service people.

  4. If you try all of this and still nothing positive then I hate to say it but maybe consider a totally different market (i.e. apply to second tier firms, small independent companies, maybe firms in your home country etc).

  • There are different ways of getting to the top. Grad positions are great but like it or not, there just aren’t enough places and competition is fierce. If you work somewhere else, you could always transfer over as an experienced hire in two - to - three years time. This is not so much of a long wait if consultancy / banking etc are actual career paths you want to pursue for the longer term.
  • Maybe just take a break from it. Try something different. Try working in an industry or something- maybe pursuing an MBA or similar qualification part time if possible. Then if you still have the balls for it, come back and apply again in a year or so’s time.

Your effort really depends on how much you want it. If you have enough determination to send off 60 applications already, I’m sure if you apply yourself you’ll be able to find a perhaps longer, less direct route to the profession you want. But you’ll get there in the end. Huge successful companies are great but sometimes you have to prove your salt elsewhere before transferring over.

Good luck!!!



Thanks AYS. Your comments are much appreciated!


Whao PIGS you it’s 3.00AM and you aren’t sleeping… your hardwork would pay off I’m sure ! Good advice AYS


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Well, you’re up later than me :wink:

Yeah, been applying to some industry jobs. Will see how that goes