4 Banks nationalised, $700Bn bail-out fails, Dow down 500 points


Ouch. What a day…


This is America shooting themselves in the foot. It’s an absolute farce, and I don’t think these Congressmen idiots understand that the American taxpayer - and ultimately every taxable being on this planet - will have to pay a far higher price as a result of this. One of the Congressmen spoke about preserving a “free market”. I think that statement reeks of extreme double standards. On the one hand, there are politicians calling for an end to “light-touch” regulation, but yet they’re unwilling to intervene in helping what is a dire situation. It’s all politics, and it’s enough to send anyone livid.


Yeah. Spot on. It sounds like they actually want there to be mass panic and crash.

Dow is down 700 points now after reach 735. The biggest drop on the dow, ever.


I feel sick.


Well, it’s pretty much headed that way, possibly (God forbid) even a 1930’s apocalypse. It’s partisan politics at its worse. Quite depressed about what we’re headed for now.


Karl Marx would be laughing in his grave


Yes. The world is changing. A black president, socialism and no more credit cards, all before 2009?


I’m 66.7% happy about that list. I’d hate to live under Socialism - I made a job of heckling Socialist society meetings in my 1st year.


They were probably taking notes. You’ll be one of the first to be shot. We’ll toast you when we’re huddling round campfires in Russian workforce camps, singing songs about easy credit and chocolate bars. I imagine that’s how it’ll be!


Haha brilliant thread!