280 UCAS points, 1st Class Degree .... can't find anywhere that will accept my application!


I have recently graduated with a First in Economics (from Leicester), however only have have 280 UCAS points… is there any place I can actually apply to? Most places seem to require 300 UCAS points, and a 2:1… even though I have a first it seems they won’t consider me because I have 280 points.

What are my options? apart from wait for schemes to open that don’t take into account UCAS points…

many thanks


There are plenty of firms that accept applications from candidates with 280 UCAS points. You’re right in thinking that a lot of them will ask for 300+, but not all.

Have a look at this list of firms and their entry requirements:



I would suggest talking to people in graduate recruitment of those firms asking for 300+ UCAS points. I think there are firms out there that would be interrested to hear from a graduate with a First. But be prepared for them to ask you why your UCAS points is 280…


Cheers for the advice, that top 50 list will be very helpful.

Gradtrainee, when you say talking to the people in graduate recruitment, would you suggest I email the appropriate department and explain my situation?



Each firm has their own HR department that recruits graduates for different roles throughtout the firm. You should be able to get their contact details on their websites. I would suggest giving the HR people a ring first and explaining your situation. I also think that meeting the recruiters in person i.e. going to the career fairs would be a good idea - you may find that some will be happy to advise you on your application and from my experience, they may give you their contact details.


I have 280 UCAS points and I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile to go to Uni or consider 1 of the firms that take from 220 UCAS points for AAT - ACA fast track. Have you managed to secure anything um4rio?


PWC maybe :slight_smile: : http://www.pwc.co.uk/careers/student/applying/application-timetable.jhtml