2018 RBS assessment centre



Discussion and help for RBS 2018 intake. Has anyone else received an invite or been to a a/c for 2018 entry?


I have been told I passed video interview and waiting for the invitation of ac. Does anybody know normally how long they will get back to me?


Have you heard anything?


I applied for HR and was told I had passed the video interview but am not guaranteed a place at an assessment centre!


Hi Ashley! I applied for HR too and have the same experience. Did you get email now? I have not got anything and am thinking calling them…


Hi Fiona, unfortunetely I still have not been contacted. My numerical test score was not the best, despite a good logical score, I think I may be waiting a long time, just to be rejected! it’s annoying when we are encouraged to take the tests/interview ASAP but then have to wait so long to hear anything. Calling may be a good idea.


Hey Ashley, that is so true! I have been waiting for such a long time. Did you try emailing them?


Hi Baoyue, have you heard something from RBS recently?


And don’t be upset. I got an email at 08/11 saying that they have not opened the AC for HR program. We will know when they open it!


Hi, is anyone going for the AC in Edinburgh on 24th April ?


Hey can anyone share some questions for the video interview. I applied for Finance