2017 Offers: BDO London or PwC Reading?



I am lucky to have offers from PwC Reading and BDO London. The PwC is for Assurance and I will take the CA from ICAS qualification. The BDO London offer is for Technology Risk Assurance and I will take the ACA from ICAEW and the CISA qualifications.

  1. Is the ACA from ICAEW qualification more prestigious than the CA from ICAS? I ask this because majority of the board members of FTSE 100 companies are ACA qualified rather than CA from ICAS.

  2. In terms of location would being at PwC in the Reading office put me at a disadvantage when compared to the BDO offer that is for the London office, as the BDO London may present more opportunities.

  3. The fact that PwC is part of the Big 4 and BDO is not, even though the PwC offer is for the Reading office, does the PwC offer present more career opportunities and would be better to have on your CV and would give you more scope to move into say the investment banking sector.

Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

Congrats on both of your offers! Great achievements :slight_smile:
My opinion on your questions (note that I did my grad scheme at PwC).

  1. The ACA and the CA are very similar qualifications - just England and Wales vs. Scotland. Is there a reason you will be taking the CA for PwC in Reading? From my knowledge they do the ACA given location. Either way - yes ACA is a little more well known, but truthfully, you will be fine with either! Both look great on your CV.

  2. To answer this I would have a look at what clients you will be working on in both offices. PwC has a larger set of clients - lots of FTSE 100 and these are great to work on and give lots of experience. Check what you will be working on in Reading with PWC vs. BDO in London. To be blunt - PwC just have larger and better clients, but yes being in London might mean you are in the thick of the action a little more.

  3. Broad answer here - yes PwC will give you more opportunities regardless of which office you are in! Definitely makes it easier to move sectors. Its a fairly difficult move regardless to go from Audit to IB - being at PwC will give you a stronger chance!

Hope this helps
Good luck!