2016 Strategy & Management Consulting Graduate Intake



Hi guys,

I wanted to make one, collated thread for management / strategy consulting applications for the September 2016 intake. It would be useful to share ideas and progress / status on applications.

For information the status of my applications so far is as follows:

EY - awaiting Assessment Centre date
Deloitte (Monitor) - awaiting 1st round interview
PwC - awaiting 1st round interview
KPMG - awaiting 1st round interview (applied late September to this one so not holding my breath)
Capgemini - awaiting 1st round interview (very efficient so far)

Submitted CV + Cover Letter and awaiting decision:
Roland Berger

Rejection: AT Kearney (at CV + cover letter stage)

Let me know if anyone has any questions or is at different stages in the process to the above.


Hi!can you please share your experience on tests for ey? I’ve just applied for technology advisory.Many thanks!


Which office are you applying to for PwC? If London - have you got a 1st interview confirmed or are you waiting to hear if you’ve received one?


Great job anon1234! May I ask any tip about online test, especially SJT part, cuz my friends all failed on that due to unmatched strength. Really look forward to your help!


Yes London Management Consulting scheme. Nope, should have specified it’s not confirmed. I presume I got the same email as everyone else stating that I met their assessment criteria but my application will be reviewed further once the deadline has passed. They said we should know the outcome by 27 November (with 1st round interviews scheduled between 7-13 December).


See my comment in response to Assam below for more detail - but my advice would be to think about the skills and competencies required for your chosen service line and make sure you demonstrate your proficiency in these, through your answers. It’s also worth understanding more about the culture and values of the firm you have applied to ensure you are answering along the same lines. People say you should answer naturally and not prepare for these tests but I disagree. The answers to what is the most effective and least effective responses can be highly subjective and the scenarios are often lacking in key information. I practiced tests through various websites and I found this helped me get a feel for what they are looking for usually. Hope this helps.


Hi, not sure how much you know about it all already, you can find more information in the EY 2016 intake thread on this forum.

There are 4 tests, Situational Judgement, Business Behaviours, Numerical and a personality test. Numerical is 12 questions with no time limit (although you will be timed and your score impacted by the length of time you take). Pretty straight forward in my opinion and I did a BA degree, certainly easier than SHL and Cubiks style. Brush up on GCSE maths if you haven’t already. Situational Judgement test and business behaviours are very similar to each other. They involve scenarios and then ranking responses in order of most effective or least effective. In preparation for these I thoroughly researched EY’s values and culture on their website and practiced some tests. I used assessmentday.co.uk and practiceaptitutdetests.com although there are plenty of options out there. I found that if I overthought the answers too much I usually got them wrong and my first instinct was usually correct. Think of the skills you need for your chosen service line (i.e problem solver, communicator) and try display these through your answers. Best of luck with the application.


Thanks so much for your kind help. Unfortunately Ive been unsuccessful at this stage, Ive practised a lot of SJTs and found EY`s a bit weird to be honest… :frowning: I am applying for KPMG as well, how did you find the SJT for KPMG? Were they similar to EY? Again many thanks and the best of luck to you! Hope you get your dream job!!! :slight_smile:



I am in a similar position for most of the ones you applied to as well. AT Kearney also rejected me, found it pretty bizarre as I applied pretty early and I have a good cv. One quick question about PwC. I scored exceptional on the logical test and almost all strong on the personality test. But I only scored average on numerical (bit annoygng considering I got expecional on the mock tests). I have “met their criteria”. Does this mean we are in a good position to advance to the next level? or what? how did you do on PwC tests.


I wasn’t too surprised by AT Kearney, I have a good CV too but I’m not Oxbridge or LSE. Are you? I think they look to recruit almost exclusively from these universities, same can be said of LEK and OC&C.

Regarding PwC I had the same numerical and logical scores as you and I had all top level on the personality test. I think it just means we made it through the online test screening and they will now review our application as a whole before deciding if we proceed to the next round. Hard to say how they will evaluate it though.

I have a few questions - what is the status on your EY application? I am hearing from different sources that they have filled up their London Advisory PI spaces for this year. I also haven’t heard anything from KPMG in weeks, have you had an interview or assessment day?


It’s worth remembering that when they say “your strengths are not a match for EY” it’s not just referring to your SJT but your application as a whole (including academic record etc). KPMG SJT was very similar to EY in my opinion. Probably a bit easier.


Do you have any tips on filling out online application forms for PwC? Thanks!


No neither I’m Bristol. I thought as much - annoying to hear that is the same for LEK and OC&C. I’ve heard the same for EY. KPMG I failed the situation test - which is so annoying. I’ve only had one assessment day for Accenture. Do you want to pm me you email/ Fb? Would be useful to stay in contact with someone doing exactly the same.


I’ll PM you.


It’s two questions … come on use your brain!


Update from Deloitte:

"Your application is at an on hold stage as we close for applications on 4th November.

The graduate application process includes a further sift stage which will take place once we have closed for applications. We will next be in contact mid November to provide an update as to whether your application has been selected for the assessment weeks which will take place at the end of November and December."


Has anyone heard the outcome of the CV sift yet?


No I haven’t heard anything. Have you?


Capgemini have got it touch and given me a telephone interview next week. Lasts an hour and will be competency / fit based.


Hi, have applied to similar firms to you, just wondering if you or anyone else is going to apply to any others aside from those listed above? I’m conscious many closing dates for applications have either already passed or are fast approaching so want to make sure I get off as many as possible