2016 PwC Summer Internship


Hi guys,

Recently applied to the PwC Assurance internship and have a telephone interview on Tuesday. Just wondering if anyone has been through a telephone interview for this years intake and what type of questions you were asked? :slight_smile:

Thank you!



I did the telephone interview for the internship in assurance on Friday and the questions were pretty much the same as already listed in the forum. You can look them up in the PwC Graduate intake 2016 thread. Best of luck for your interview, and don’t worry too much. It’s true what everyone says that it’s actually quite enjoyable (as enjoyable as a job interview can get) and if you prepare properly you should be fine.


Thank you for your help!! I know the interview is mainly competency based but did you get any questions on what assurance is and why you chose PwC? Best of luck with your application x


They asked me about the internship programme itself and then why I want to intern with PwC