2016 Intake PwC Telephone Interview


Hi guys, I have just done my telephone interview with PwC yesterday, still waiting for the result, wish me luck.

The question I have got are mostly covered by the previous post on this forum already.

Here are the questions I have got:
Whole leadership: A time when you actively sought personal feedback?
Global Mindset A time when you actively sought different perspectives?
Relationship A time when you maintain useful contact outside of your university or work?
Technical Qualities A time when you have to complete a complex project?
Business Acumen: Tell me a recent business news that related to economic.
Why PwC, Why assurance, what do you know about your job, what do you know your qualification.

Hope this would help, please wish me the bust of luck for my application.



Graduate role?


thank you so much!!!


Thank you


Thank you for sharing! Wish you the best luck!


How long does it take to get a reply


how long did it take for you guys to get a reply/


Anyone have ac in Birmingham on 24th February? I want to know who will I meet there haha :)!


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Hi, I passed my phone interview today, it lasted 35-40 mins and they emailed to say I had got through about dinner time the same night. WikiJobs was incredibly helpful in my prepaation for the interview so I thougt I would repay the favour and post the questions I recieved during my interview as a help for others going through the process.

In the order I recieved them,
When was a time you actively sought feedback? followup question was what did you learn from this? and what changes did you make after recieving the feedback?
When was a time that you had to give feedback or criticism to a colleague or peer? followup what did you learn from this?
What is a recent business or economic story that has been in the news that interested you? and how could PwC benefit from this?
How do you keep track of business issues in the world?
Explain a time you had to complete a complex task?
What do you know about the graduate program you are applying to?
Why do you want to work for PwC?
Explain to me a time you had to multi task different projects to meet a deadline?
Explain to me a time you actively sought different perspectives? Why did you seek the different perspectives? what did you learn from this?
Explain a time you completed a task with little to no guidance?
When was a time that you created and developed a new relationship with someone outisde your normal network?

The best advice I can give you for this is PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE, they really do pick up on the fact you have prepared for it. Hammer home to yourself the questions and your answers and be confident. When preparing your answers use the S.T.A.R method this is something they really look for and learn and understand the professional competencies because this again is something that is incredibly important. When they ask you the question “Why PwC?” name drop PwC as much as you can without over doing it as if you dont they recognise that it could be a generic response for any of the big 4. Apart from this just be confident and be yourself.

Good luck!


Just finished my phone interview. It only last ten minutes so I hope this is not a bad sign. I only got questions in whole leadership. And all the questions were covered in the wikijob. Then she said it would take three weeks to give me a response. such a long time.
questions like sought feedback, help other people finished project and ethical decision.


Hi, anyone who has attended a telephone interview recently and were successful, how long did it take to receive a reply? I have noticed that alot of successful candidates have said they heard back the same/next day? This has also been the case in my past experience e.g with KPMG … Just wondering if anyone had been successful but it had taken a little longer to hear back? Thanks.


I heard back within about 7 hours of hanging up the phone. Hope you hear back soon. Good luck


Hmmm yeah that’s what I thought… thanks for your reply!


one working day.


Hi, I’ve got a telephone interview coming up for assurance in cambridge. Can anyone who recently did the telephone interview share the sort of questions they got asked and the sort of responses given. Thanks