2016 Graduate Scheme


Hi there,

I applied for the tech consulting graduate scheme for 2015 in Canary Wharf but, as the scheme was full, I have successfully secured a place on the 2016 scheme.

Would you be able to advise whether or not I should be expecting any further communications from the recruitment team or is it likely that they will be in touch nearer the start date? I have signed the contact and submitted my references but haven’t heard anything since.

Also, on a slightly separate note - I will be commuting to and from the office and will therefore be purchasing an annual railcard - but would you be able to advise whether KPMG fund travel expenses to client offices or not?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Lou Labelle,

Well done on securing a place with us!

As the start date is just under 1 year away, the communication currently may be fairly infrequent, but it will ramp up in the New Year. You can also sign up to our Facebook group and the Marketing team will be generating a new joiner app in between now and starting, so there will be communication through there.

In terms of commuting, if your client is outside of your normal commuting time/zone, we can look to reimburse some expenses. If the client is further away (i.e. more than 2 hours), the company normally look to put you in a hotel overnight. There will be more information about this when you join in terms of expenses.