2016 BT Network Engineer video interview by Sonru


I have currently been asked to complete an Online Video Interview provided by Sonru. The role I applied is Network Engineering. Is there anybody already finished this interview which can give me some hints and tips. What questions should I expect in this interview? How can I prepare for it.
I would appreciate if someone could help me:)


Hey, have you looked at this thread - some applicants were discussing BT interviews back in February and might be able to help if you post there too? https://www.wikijob.co.uk/forum/cvs-cover-letters-application-forms/bt-graduate-scheme-2016


Ooh also, I just found this - it is all about Sonru video interviews (although not specifically for BT) https://www.wikijob.co.uk/content/interview-advice/interview-types/sonru-video-interview-tips


hi, i know this is a bit of a long shot…

i have a video interview got BT coming up… i was wondering if you knew what to expect?