2015 Intake BDO AC Presentation



Hi guys,

I have an AC for BDO comping up. I just got the email saying that I need to prepare a less-than-20-min presentation on any business/industry and show how BDO can provide services to them. Any tips on picking the company and how to structure the presentation? Thanks!!!



I had my AC a little while ago and I was applying to audit so I picked Tesco because at the time they had the whole profit overstatement thing going on which I could relate pretty heavily to auditing so I guess the best tip is to pick something that you can relate to your service line and also something that interests you and that you really have a good understanding of.
I structured mine by first explaining a bit about the company and their industry (which seemed a bit silly for Tesco because everyone already knows that but I did it anyway) and then I spoke about the problems they were facing, then I talked about how that relates to auditing, then how it was impacting upon their industry and competitors and then finally (and probably the longest section) how BDO could help them.

Hope this helps, Good Luck :smiley:


Hi Hazel, could you let us know a little more about the AC. In particular did you have to write long action points for the in-tray or was it multiple choice. Also was there a lot of documents to read? Was it difficult to take in all the information?

How about the group exercise, was the information easy to understand in the time allocated?

Did the partner ask commercial awareness questions in the interview?

Sorry for all the questions, i have my AC next week and want to be as prepared as possible because I am so scared!

Thank you.



The in-tray was a booklet of information about a certain case and you were acting as an employee of BDO and you were required to respond to a bunch of emails which were coming through to a client of yours. You start by preparing a list of the tasks you’re going to complete and then giving them different priority levels and then you go ahead and do those tasks, which are the emails I mentioned. And then you finish by writing a longer letter to your client, explaining everything that’s going on with these tasks -Just for context, mine was that the client was a lady whose dad had just passed away and I had to sort out a bunch of correspondence and various things, particularly related to buildings, that were addressed to her father. But I don’t know if every in-tray is based on the same situation.

Group exercise was nice and simple to understand - You’re given a booklet with information about a business and the many problems it’s currently facing. At the back of the booklet there are 10-12 possible solutions and you have to work through those with your group to decide what you all believe are the most viable options. The time allocated wasn’t a problem as long as you keep an eye on how much you have left to do and maybe have a watch in the middle of a phone with a timer or something. But really, I think they’re looking at your ability to work with people more than anything else.

Partner interview - Sort of. That might sound weird but he didn’t specifically ask me a question about it; We were talking about an answer from my first interview about how I keep up to date with business news - he was looking at the transcript from my interview and then that kind of led on to us talking about a couple of cases that were going on at that time because I had asked him about the Tesco profit overstatement. That interview was very casual - He did ask some questions like the ones in the first interview but the majority of the time was more of a chat.

Good Luck, you’ll do fine.


When you wrote actions for in-tray activities, did you have to write a lot or just a few sentences explaining your actions? Also, were you required to do a group presentation at the end of the group exercise? or just one or two members from the group? or no presentation at all?
Thanks for all the information!


Just a brief explanation for the list. Everything else was full emails or letters. There was no group presentation at all - we just concluded amongst ourselves and the assessors watched us the whole time. :slight_smile:


Hey Hazel, just wondering about your presentation, did you have notes with you to read off or a handout to give to the Partner?


Yes I had notes for myself but I had pretty much memorised them and I also had a handout for the manager. Some others at my AC didn’t bring anything and they were also successful though so I don’t think it matters.


Hi everyone! Had my AC recently with BDO, how long did it take BDO to get back to you on the outcome of the AC?


Hi! I heard back the day after my AC but these things can vary from like a day to more than a week.


Any more tips for the AC?


Hi! I have my presentation coming up on Monday and just wanted to ask what were the main challenges you said Tesco were facing. I have found a similar scandal to Tesco, but wasn’t sure how to structure my presentation. There are many problems associated with this scandal I’ve found but how do I narrow it down to 3 main challenges?


Hi guys, this thread is over a year old but I’m giving it a shot anyway! Thanks for all the comments and tips for the AC. I have mine in a few days and I’m still a bit confused about the presentation. I was planning to do the Google tax scandal but i’m applying for audit? I find tech sector really interesting and the whole google case. I was just going to summarise their major problems and talk about all the service lines in how BDO could help (tax and audit work alot together and talk about all Google’s M&A for advisory due diligence) but I dont want it to seem like I’m really keen on tax? Also does it matter that Google is not a mid tier firm? Can anyone please help?


Hi! When are you having your AC? Mine is coming up as well. Is it for graduate role in London?


Hi bexst,

How did your presentation go? Did you do it on Google in the end?

Please could you let me know what sort of things you discussed? I am in the same boat as you where I have applied to Audit but am finding this task quite challenging to explain in terms of Audit, so will probably focus on other areas of BDO’s services.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for your comments - they are really helpful. Could you please provide some help as to where you found your information on how this was impacting their industry and competitors. I’m finding the internet a difficult place to search for this kind of information!