hi guys,

I appled for the Endsleigh Grad Scheme and had my phone interview shortly after. I found out I passed my phone interview and they were going to contact me in Jan 2013 if I was successful enough (just bcos you passed the phone interview does not guarantee AC @ Endsleigh).

Has anybody applied to Endsleigh Grad Scheme (from previous years also)? If so, have you heard anything about dates for the AC/Interviews/etc?



Just had my first phone interview this morning which I passed and was then told i’ll have a second phone interview next week. Anyone have any idea what I may be asked?


aw cool, what position you applied to?

It’s quite standard to be honest(motivations, etc). Also, when youre doing ur research look at the leadership qualities on the endsleigh grad site, they will ask about that.


Yeh it was mainly motivations that they asked me in the first phone interview. Have you had a second one too? I’m applying for the insurance stream, what about you?


Thanks for your comments. The application window shut yesterday for our grad scheme, so we are now completing the Telephone Interviews over the coming weeks. We will be in contact with all candidates that have been Telephone Interviewed by the end of January. Our Assessment Centres will be running at the end of February through March, all the details can be found at on our careers site.