2012- J.P Morgan- Sales, Trading & Research Summer Internship Interview

J.P. Morgan

This forum strikes me as very useful and thus I am creating this post to seek advice for an upcoming first-round interview which I have scheduled.
My objective is to make this section helpful to all existing and future stakeholders of this opportunity.

Please, is it possible for anyone who has first experience of interviewing with J.P. Morgan to offer any tips?

Thanks in advance.


First Interview: Why JP why trading etc.
Second: 2-4 Compentency Questions
Third: Mental math and Brain Teaser i.e. 5149, 1619, and some Brain teasers. Solution is not important, they wanna see how u think. thats all. if your not smart dont waste your time. good luck.


isolba how did your interview go ? I have been invited to an interview for off-cycle internship within S,T&R.


Hey all,

I just wondered how long it took you to get your invitation for interview after subitting the numerical test online? Thanks very much.