2011 Deloitte application form question


Hi everyone,

I’m applying to Contract Risk and Compliance at Deloitte and I’m really struggling with the second question: Please explain your understanding of the core activities undertaken by your chosen service line and the value they add to their clients.
I’ve adopted a ‘step-by-step’ approach, in short: identify business relationships, potential risks, level of compliance, advise on relationships and control processes. Value: minimise losses, improve business relationships.
Is this the right approach? or should I present key activities thematically? Am I missing out anything important here?

More generally, I would be infinitely grateful for any advice from anyone who’s gotten into BPRC or is further along the process than me :slight_smile:


A comment about why the activities interest you may be worthwhile - a very short one something along the lines of ‘identify business relationships which is a strong draw for me’

These questions are quite personal - everyone answers them differently, and no doubt someone, somewhere will think my above suggestion is not appropriate.

Go with what you think is best - if you dont get through, then start adjusting for your other apps, I’ve found that a lot of the most prepared answers can lose their personal feel, and as such, get rejected for being too mechanical.