2010 Barcap Finance FT- Telephone interview


Just had a telephone interview with Barlays Capital, Finance department analyst FT.

I was surprised they didn’t ask any “Why Barcap, Why Finance” sort of question at this stage.

I was asked to provide example of ex curriculam activities and the best team I’ve worked with. Then, they asked for understanding of current business environment and its impact to the department I applied.

The interview was short and the interviewer was very friendly. They said they will let me know tomorrow but I think I’ve made it.

Good luck to everyone.


Hi Ethan,

Thanks for your great post. I’m going to have my phone interview with Barcap next Monday so please could you give me some detailed questions that they asked you in your phone interview?

Thanks so much!!!




you’d better log on the system and check your interview slot again

my telephone in have been cancelled twice due to the system failure. I booked mine on this thursday ans when i checked the system again, it was cancelled.


I just did after receiving your message. I booked mine for next Monday morning and there has been no changes since I booked last night…


Sorry I could only remember two since it’s almost two weeks ago.

They asked about ex curriculum activities, and leadership examples too. There are also commercial awareness questions. I’m not sure which department have you applied, but for Finance, I think they expect to hear your understanding and comment to recent, and potential regulatory change on capital adequacy requirement.

It’s quite short interview and didn’t cover all competencies commonly seen in interviews.
But since they are going to ask you more in assessment center, it doesn’t hurt to prepare thoroughly.

Best of luck, mate.


Hey Ethan,

Thx for ur post, ive got a telephone intrvw next tue in ops…just wondering how long ur intrvw went for? were u interviewed by some one in the HR or finance?

cheers mate


The interview was no longer than 20 minutes. I am interviewed by the recruitment people.

I was already rejected in assessment center. good luck mate!


sorry to hear that m8, but good luk wid ur other applications…just to clarify, did u have a face to face intrvw b4 the assessment centre or is it just telehone and assessment centre only?


only a 20 minute telephone. Expect two 2 to 1 interview, one individual prioritation presentation and a group discussion for the assessment day.
Good luck


For those that are interested, the questions were

  1. Why Barcap IB?
  2. What are the current trends in IB?
  3. How do you keep up to date with trends in IB?
  4. Name a time when you had to take a risk.
  5. Name a time when you did not meet you expectations in a task.

One or two more others, but that is generally the jist of it. But I did BAD!!

Good luck to the others.


hey all i’ve applied to Barcap for the research position and waiting for a reply. How long do they take and what kind of numerical test do you have to do and isit SHL??


I applied for Ops and the questions asked were (in no particular order):

Tell me about yourself.

Why did you choose your degree.

What did you not like about your degree.

Why Ops?

Where else have you applied to?

A time when you changed a process.

How are the current market conditions likely to affect the dept you applied to.

Recent development in the industry.

What skills do you want to develop?

A time when you performed under pressure.

Why Barcap?

The interview was short and sweet and the interviewer was very responsive. One of my best interview experience I had because the interviewer actually seemed interested in you and engage in the conversation.

All the best!!!

**** CAN ANYONE FILL ME IN ON THE AC PLS?? Mine’s next Tuesday!



what was your interview for? internship/campus recruitment?


Hey Ethan,

Was the interview for the AC competency based? And were you interviewed by the division or HR?

Also, do you mind sharing a bit more on the prioritation presentation?

Thank you!


In my case there were around 12 interviewers for an AC group, and each candidate saw four of them in two 2:1 interview. My interviewers are from the division but I’m not sure with the rest.

There were two interviews in the AC, one they call “competency interview” and the other “technical interview”. the "competency " one is all about your own stories and experiences. In the “technical” one, I think the kind of questions you might encouter depends on your background. I have no experience in banking so they asked me motivation questions and my understanding of the job involved, but a girl in my group was asked questions on option pay-off and accounting treatment of products because she currently work in a fund manager.

Prioritation: I’m afraid I can’t provide you details of the task since it would be unfair to people who don’t see this post if I do. Basically it works like this: You, an Barcap IBD analyst, arrive in the office and find there are 20 tasks need to be done, and you’ve got to choose the first 5 things to do. They ask you to prioritize tasks associated with clients, compliance and other Barcap divisions.
A lot of tasks seems to have same priority. To my experience it might be helpful to think whether you are in the best position, or the right person for the task. If you can explain why you are not, it’s OK to delicate it to your colleagues.
Finally, tjere are no perfect answer for this game, and the interviewers will definitely challenge your decisions. It is very important to be assertive and explain clearly your rationale unless you made really fundamental mistakes.


Thanks Ethan.

To my UTTER surprise, Barclays have invited me back after what I thought was a horrible telephone interview. There are two sessions booked for the same day with some people from the IB division.

If anyone has any advise on preparing for an IB interview with Barclays, it would be appreciated.

Cheers guys.


Hey guys
Did anybody applied to Research 2010- London F/T receive any correspondence so far? Cheers!