2009 Autumn GRADUATE Applications


I was applying for 2009 autumn gradjobs and don’t know of any companies whose apps are open except the big4…
could someone please help…i am keen to do audit/ibd…


Have a look at the [[list of Accountancy firms]] and [[list of investment banks]]. Most firms will be accepting applications for Autumn 2009 right now, but bear in mind that many banks will be recruiting less/no graduates as a consequence of the credit crunch!


Thanks a lot but most of these applications do not open until September, any other tips?


Take a holiday! It’s summer. Break now, and then come back to apply like crazy in September when you’re refreshed :slight_smile:


Sounds good…but I just returned from my holiday…and uni is also kind of a long holiday :smiley:


Hahaha agree with you on the uni-holiday part!


Chris…got ur msg…i wanted help on 2 questions:-
Why IBD (M&A)? & How I am suited?

Although these are very generalised questions and the second one you can’t help me much as its quite personal I wanted ur tips on these…As I applied for lottttts of m&a interns last year but landed with a finance intern…which i didnt really want to do…but had no other option…
So, for graduate jobs I want to be a bit more sure in the application stage … i.e. atleast I get more interviews and am successful in the longrun…

Thank You !


Well, IBD is:
*You love helping clients
*M&A is critically important to help develop businesses and markets
*You have an interest in investment, the stock market, and how large companies are run

That sort of thing will get you through the first question.

For the second question:
*You are smart
*You are diligent
*You are keen to work
*You love to learn
*You have a thirst for challenge
*You like to always develop and improve yourself
*You love to help others and work in a team.

That sort of thing. Apply a little creative magic and you’ll get there :slight_smile: