2 offers (PG & Deloitte) - which one more valuable ?


Hi ! I ve got 2 offers for summer internships and i have no idea which one to choose - actually i dont want to give up any. I will be grateful if you can share some opinions based on your experiences. The first one is Audit in Deloitte ( ONLY 3 WEEKS ). The other one is Finance in a large consumer goods company (PG) for 10 weeks. I have no idea on what actually the 2 positions will involve (different than the flowerly jobs descriptions the companies provide to attract you ) so if you can share some thoughts on that will be great. thanks


Hi there,

The main difference in these roles is that one is essentially in-house (PG) and one is professional services (Deloitte).
For PG you will get a insight in to what its like to work on an in-depth level for one company - how does the business work - how does the finance team help with strategy, budget, other lines of service etc. For Deloitte, you will get an insight in to working for a couple of different clients (timing allowed) as well as within different teams internally.

I would have a think about which you would like to get a permanent job in. I would recommend Deloitte if you’re unsure - because you will get your accounting qualification and exposure to lots of different companies. Then post qualification it will be relatively easy to transition in to an in-house finance role if thats what you wanted - taking all your experience from one of the Big4.

Good luck! Hope this helps.