2 IT Job offers that I need to respond to by this coming Monday!


For the past 2 years I have been an IT contractor and as I was working on long term contracts which I was earning good money.

However in the last 3 months I have become a father and would like a stable income.
I specialise in mainly service desk/1st line/2nd line/desktop support and my experiences are with some big companies.

Recently as I am now looking at perm roles (primary reason so I can develop and progress into 3rd line support) the salary range that seems available for a 1st/2nd line which will train me into 3rd line is between 30k-33k.

Here is the dilemma - I interviewed with 2 companies this week and both are wanting to sign me up.

The one that’s more technical, hands on and seems I will develop quickly is offering a max of 28k and the one that is less hands on and more telephone/customer services based is offering 32k.

I am inclined to go towards the 28k role however should I be allowing myself to drop from the 30k range?
*The bracket for my roles and my experience is between 30k-33k (Although a a small amount of companies even offer upto 35k)

Interviews are normally not my strongest point but i have had another 2 interviews this week which I am still awaiting feedback for by next week and they went pretty well.

Both agencies want me to decide by Monday and one of them has been pushing me to decide the day I got the offer but i’ve stated Monday will be decision day.

How should I approach this scenario I am in?

Any advice would be really appreciated.