2 interviews on same day



I have been in the same company for almost 5 years and finally got the opportunity to apply for a manager’s role, found out today that the interview is next week.

Over the past few months, I have also been thinking about career change as I could not see this one going any further so I made few applications. Now shortly after receiving an email about interview next week, I get another email from a company where I had passed the first two stages of application process last month inviting me to an assessment centre on the very same day next week.

I am faced with a major dilemma, both are opportunities of a life time.

I can only make it to one interview. I am not sure how to discuss this with my boss. I am faced with a choice of either going for a promotion at my current place of work with better way compared to an opportunity for a complete career change.

Any advice will be much appreciated. Both interviews are on Thursday next week.


To add the second interview is for a graduate programme.


Thats good