2:2 and mitigating circumstances and/or/as well Masters?


Hi all,

I am seeking advice following a rather disappointing B.Sc. 2:2(hons) result from uni. However, I did have problems and mitigating circumstances throughout uni which I feel did affect my final outcome. These range from being in hospital during my 1st and final year (3/4 weeks out of uni each time) as well as 2 deaths of close relatives durning my second and final year.

This being the case, I am now aware applying for any 2:1 job would be pointless, although I have been told by a friend that I should at least try and include with my application the mitigating circumstances I feel affected the outcome of my degree.

Should I adhere to my friends advice? Do companies advertising 2:1 jobs take into consideration mitigating circumstances?

Another consideration was to apply for a masters which I have always wanted to do

Does doing a masters allow the chance to apply to those 2:1 roles or is there a specific job market out there for M.Sc. postgrads

Any advice, tips, help would be great, thank you very much!

Maybe there is some hope! :wink: