1st interview in Technology Integration Consulting with Deloitte


Hello everybody,

I am invited for TI consulting with Deloitte thought I applied for startegy. Could anybody share some information about the first interview as I have never studied IT so Im a bit worried about the case study. Is is business related or is it more technology related? As well as how deep understanding is required about IT stuff during the interview?

Any help would be appretiated.



It’s ok (had my T.I. interview last week!) just competency based stuff! It’s still consulting so you have the case study but I’d just check their website to get a flavour of the areas that they work in.


Hey guys,

I’m new to this forum stuff + was wondering if anyone could help.

I have a first round interview next week with Deloitte Consulting. My main concern is the case study - can anyone provide any details? Is it very numerical? Are you expected to make calculations? or is it more common sense stuff?

I’ve been doing a few practice ones online from various companies + they vary quite a lot.

Also, I read somewhere that they discuss the different consulting divisions with you - is this true? Do they expect you to know the divisions pretty well? I understand what most of them do but some are a bit confusing!

Any other advice would be great.

I’d appreciate your help :slight_smile:


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I have first round of interview with Deloitte (London) - Consulting TI next week.
It’s 1hr interview. Can someone please help with the questions to prepare? It’s for experienced hire position.

Plese help ASAP!!! Will it involve any case study???