1st Ernst and Young Interview - new format? - urgent!


Hi u guys
I am just going to have my 1st interview with EY on the 9th Jan.
My interview was delayed from Nov until now. So i dont know if there is any change in the format of the 1st interview. I have read many topics in Wiki and there seems to b much changes in the format - the questions being asked. do they still focus on competency based questions for the st round?
if any of you have any idea, comments or experience with EY interview during this time, please give me any hints and tips!
i applied to Audit - London

many thanx


Hi Daisy,

Have you already go through the 1st round interview of E&Y? What kind of questions came up with? Are the questions still the competency-based? Could you plz share any experience of ur 1st round interview?

Thank you very much.



Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but the process is a lot like this - [[Ernst & Young Interview Questions]].